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TESOL证书是参加TESOL课程合格后所取得的证书。TESOL即Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages的缩写。作为英语教育学的专业课程来学习,其主题是探讨英语教学的方法和TESOL课程。通过测评考试和考核,获得国际认可的TESOL国际英语教师资格证书。目前,英、美、加、澳、新等国有很多有正规资质的TESOL教育和培训机构,各机构所颁发的证书在样式上各具特色,互不隶属。这些机构颁发的TESOL证书可以在全球范围内从事英语作为第二外语教学使用。
TESOL课程内容已经被国际上150 多个国家的8000多所学校认可,并在全世界拥有近百个团体会员和14000多名专业人士。在北美、英国、澳大利亚、新西兰等多100个国家完全认可。 



美国TESOL证书 全球通用 国际认可 获得国际国内多方权威部门资质认可

Get TESOL Certified today and Teach English around the World 

TESOL证书 国内获得中华人民共和国国家外国外专局外国文教专家机构审批

TESOL证书 国际获得美国教育委员会(ACE)资质认可 出国留学可抵学分

TESOL证书 完全符合联合国教科文组织制定的国际英语师资标准

TESOL证书 获得中华人民共和国和国家人力资源和社会保障部资质认可

TESOL证书 获得美国乔治亚州教育局审批

TESOL证书 获得美国佛罗里达FDVA审批



All our accredited TESOL courses are designed and led by highly experienced ESL teachers 

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What is TESOL?

A Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification is an internationally recognized qualification to teach English abroad and a critical component of your international and domestic teaching job application.






What is a TEFL/TESOL certification and why is it important?

A Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification is a commonly required qualification for new and experienced teachers who want to teach English abroad. With a TESOL certification, teachers can:


# Qualify for teaching jobs. The minimum requirements to teach abroad are a Bachelor's degree in any area and a TESOL certification.


# Gain the skills required to teach abroad. A TESOL certification prepares you to teach English language skills, plan lessons for foreign language learners, refresh your understanding of English grammar concepts and more.


# Stand out in job applications. Even in situations where the hiring school has not explicitly listed a TESOL certification as a requirement, it is always considered a strong asset and could help set you apart from candidates who are not TESOL certified.


# Earn a higher salary with more reputable schools. Teachers with a TESOL certificate qualify for teaching positions with more reputable schools, which means better benefits and higher salaries.


Online TESOL courses are a convenient and flexible way to earn a TESOL certification. Offered year-round with no fixed start dates, teachers can begin online TESOL training instantly and complete their certification from anywhere in the world. Learn more about completing your TESOL certification online at www.TESOLinChina.com






What do you learn in a TESOL course?


A TESOL course covers topics including teaching language skills, grammar, lesson planning and classroom management. A TESOL course will teach you how to:


# Teach English Language Skills. Teach the five major elements of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation.


# Simplify English Grammar. Simplify complex English grammar concepts for ELLs (English Language Learners).


# Plan Lessons. Plan and deliver effective lessons that meet class learning objectives and promote productive learning.


# Manage a Classroom. Manage your classroom and student behavior to create a welcoming and safe learning environment.


# Identify Learning Styles. Identify different learning styles and adapt lessons to suit students and their needs.


# Build Effective Learning Materials. Find, adapt and personalize a wide variety of text-based and digital materials for use in the classroom




TESOL in China's Reputable programs will teach specialized teaching strategies for teachers to tailor their TESOL certification to their desired teaching position. Specializations could include teaching business English, teaching English to young children, teaching test preparation courses and more.


So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and Be TEFL/TESOL Certified to Teach English globally. https://www.tesolinchina.com/tesolbaoming.html


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